Consult saisir_documentation to have a first glance on the functions in SAISIR. You may download several pieces of documentation on MATLAB and SAISIR. After unzipping, the folder tutorial1 contains the documents for learning MATLAB itself, in a general way, but with a particular attention to the information which are needed for understanding SAISIR. The document tutorial_matlab is a series of overheads for a lecture on MATLAB (about 40 hours, including the exercises). These overheads are designed to be understandable without any help of a teacher. The folder tutorial1 also contains a sub-folder with the solutions of the exercises, and the files of data used in this package. The folder tutorial2 contains the documents for learning the SAISIR environment. It also gives many examples of typical scripts for performing simple and more sophisticated operations in chemometrics. The documents tutorial_saisir1 and tutorial_saisir2 are series of overheads for a lecture on SAISIR, which contains a mix of a general lecture on chemometrics and the applications on examples. The subfolder exercises gives the solutions of the exercises (which are, for the sake of simplicity, also copied in the data subfolder where they must be done). The data subfolder actually contains several data sets on which the exercises can be applied. The document saisir_manual contains a short introduction to the principle of SAISIR and must be read for understanding the structure of the data. The document saisir_documentation contains the Helps of all the functions available in SAISIR . Important note: It is impossible to start working with SAISIR without consulting (at least) saisir_manual or the beginning of tutorial_saisir1, which gives some essential indication of the data structure in SAISIR.
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