Getting Started
First, for using SAISIR , you must have a MATLAB licence, or have installed the OCTAVE open source environment, and be relatively used to these environment. The present package actually contains a tutorial with exercises for learning MATLAB or OCTAVE . For this purpose, look at the proposed documentation package. Second, as SAISIR is devoted to chemometrics, you must know something on the basic themes of chemometrics. You can learn this by yourself, but there is also another tutorial in the documentation which present many themes of chemometrics (Principal component analysis, regression, discrimination, clustering ...). This tutorial mixes the presentation of chemometrics topics with their actual application using SAISIR . If you are interested, you must install the SAISIR package in your own environment. There are many examples and exercises in this package, so you could progress and/or test the methods. Then, it is up to you to use all the functions in SAISIR . You will find an HTML help in the saisir_documentation.html file, and a PDF short manual. If you becomes skilled in SAISIR , you may write your own functions in the same style. If it it the case, and if you want to have some (free) diffusion of your work, please look at the programming recommendation in the manual. Eventually, send your work at these e-mails: - - Thank you for your interest, and enjoy working with SAISIR !
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